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DIY Spot free rinse/ Spot free car wash

DIY Spot Free Car Wash with Pur Water Filter ( or Brita Water Filter)
Show car paint washing, and New Fresh Paint washing

How you ever used Mr Clean Car wash? I will explain what it is. The mr clean car wash uses a soap that has wax in it. It ofcourse is not needed if your car has been waxed recently. Heavy water is water that has deposits and checmicals that make drinking water safe. These include flouride, chlorine, Iron, and calcium just to name the most common. Some also have copper deposits and even PVC which flakes off of the inside of household piping. Any metal parts in the water you are washing with always results in tiny scratches. It may take 50 washes for these scratches to be obvious but even at one wash per week thats less than 4 months. Flouride and chlorine bleach your paint. These things are added to drinking water to keep it sake but it's not good for cars. The Car is Washed with a soap that has lubricant /wax mixed in the solution. Then rinsed with water that has been filtered. Mr clean car wash may cost 14-16 dollars for three washes worth if using as directed. However what if I dont wanna use thier product. Heres the DIY Part!

FYI filtered water may be obtianed from some stores that charge 10-15 cents per gallon. However they must be filtered from having chlorine and Iron in them. Its possible to wash a whole car with 7 gallons or less when washed by hand. Even at 7 gallons thats less than a dollar if you have your own container ( which goes back to the Pressurized sprayer)

DIY Spot Free Car Wash
1. Pull out a bucket that is clean on the inside.

2. Use a Brita or Pur water filter pitcher. The pitcher only makes about 6 cups of water per minute so be prepared to wait. My idea was to use a gatorade water cooler or other type of water dispensor with a serving valve at the bottom. These valves dont flow very fast so you can sit the Pur water filter on the bucket top then open the water dispensor and it will simply filter the water for you without filling the water pitcher a few times.

3. Either prepare to use a Spray bottle to rinse the car with filtered water or!! You can get a Insecticide pressure sprayer ( one of those that has a nozzle hose and hand pump on top) and fill it with the filtered water.

4. Use my instructions from the previous post on how to wash a car. Wash the car like you are suppose to with a low surfactant residue soap ( car soap). Then rinse with the filtered water. The water leaves the paint finish spot free as there are no contaminants to dry onto the paint in the water.

Notice: really the only thing you need to worry about here is using a good wax or soap with wax and Rinsing with filtered water. The filtered water can be poured straight from a pitcher but that takes probably 10-15 fills to wash the whole car. You could even use a Squirt gun ( super soaker type) I rather you a pressurized spray bottle.

Pressure spray bottles can be ordered for a small price or even go buy one intended for insecticide. Never the less using this kind of portable water source makes this form of car washing Apartment Friendly and there are not garden hose hookups required.

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